Castle of Porto de Mós
Its towers, big and green, this castle is one of the most original of our country.
Conquered from the Moors by King Afonso Henriques, would win palatial characteristics, due to the intervention of King Sancho I, D. Dinis and D. Afonso, Conde de Ourém. Of the five towers that were built, three remain today, due to constant Arab attacks and, later, the various earthquakes suffered.

April to October : 10h00 to 12h00 – 13h00 to 18h00 / November to March: 10h00 to 12h00 – 13h00 to 17h00
Phone.: 244 499 600
GPS       N 39º 36' 12,23'' , W 8º 49' 7,3''


Fundação Batalha de Aljubarrota

The Battle of Aljubarrota Foundation (FBA) was formed out of concern value and dignify a part of the Portuguese cultural heritage associated with the main battlefields in Portugal.

Av. D. Nuno Álvares Pereira, nº 120, São Jorge.
2480-062 São Jorge
Horário de visita: Ter. a Dom.: 10:00-17:30
Telefone: 244 480 060


Museu Municipal de Porto de Mós

Museum operating since 1989. It is situated next to the City Hall of Porto de Mos. We highlight the exposure of fossils and dinosaur bones.

Travessa de São Pedro
2480 - 851 Porto de Mós
Telf. 244 499 615


Igreja de S. João Baptista

Located in the oldest part of the village, the church of S. João Baptista presents a robust bell tower, almost disproportionate to the building. On the façade there is a Romanesque portal. The church, barrel vault, features a gilded altar. There is also a font of the late sixteenth century, made ​​of stone, with glass shaped into wedges. Inside the church in general is still an image of Our Lady of Mercy in the early sixteenth century.

GPS: 39° 36' 08" N | 08° 49' 00" W


Igreja de São Pedro - Porto de Mós

Church of the seventeenth century, which highlights the late-Baroque style. It features a single nave with choir and transept with cruise.

Largo do Rossio
2480-314 Porto de Mós


Ecopista - Porto de Mós

The course develops mainly along the old railway line, now Ecopista that he was transporting coal from mines to Bezerra Porto de Mos. It is a journey rich in terms of natural beauty, wildlife and floral. At some point the landscape changes and the track is made through stone walls, purposely cut to allow passage of the railway line, to the old tunnel.

At the north end of the ridge, near the mills, there is a picnic area where you can just rest and restore energy before the final leg.

Extensão: Aproximadamente 13 km;



Discovered in 1947, were the first to be discovered in this region so rich in such assets, an important part of the Natural Park of Serra de Aire and Candeeiros, located in the heart of the Maciço Calcário Estremenho.
The entrance is 200 meters high, reaching inside to 180 meters deep.
The formation of these caves, date back more than 150 million years, Middle Age Jurássica when the dinosaurs inhabiting this region, as can be seen today in the Footsteps of Dinosaurs Monument, near here.

Phone. 244 440 322
GPS   -    N 39º 32' 24,71'' , W 8º 42' 14,01''


Fatima - The divine illumination

In the county of Ourém stands as one of the most famous religious places and attended the world, the Shrine of Fatima. Daily, but especially on Sundays, arrives all the year thousands and thousands of pilgrims, who meet their votes or Nossa Senhora rely on their families and the world.

Av. D. José Alves Correia da Silva
Cova da Iria
2495 Fátima
GPS       N 39º 37' 49,91'' , W 8º 40' 25,11''


Monastery of Santa Maria da Vitoria

The monastery, named by UNESCO Património da Humanidade, in accuracy was not built on the site of the battle that stopped a 2 Kms from the town of Batalha, in the locality of S. Jorge, but the small valley of the River Lena. This magnificent building is the great monument of the Portuguese Gothic , one of the first where the art Manueline debut and one of the most beautiful churches of Europe at the end of the Middle Ages. The models of the flamboyant Gothic, adopted in this sumptuous building, marks the top of the Gothic style and are a symbol of the art of séc.XV.

GPS       N 39º 39' 32,82'' , W 8º 49' 33,57''


Monastery of Alcobaça
Back to top of nationality, here is the largest church in the country in Romanesque-Gothic style.
This recalls the tragic episode of the forbidden love of D. Pedro and Inês de Castro, who sit grave there.

Praça 25 de Abril
2640 Alcobaça
GPS       N 39º 32' 54,47'' , W 8º 58' 44,15''


In Nazaré, dominates the imagery legend of D. Fuas Roupinho. Walking to a deer hunt, which would not be more than a transfiguration of the Devil, is drawn to the eagerness of the cliff at Sitio Promontory, drawing him the prayer to Our Lady of Nazaré that in miraculous appearance, made the hind feet of stake his horse. He built there the place in the Memorial Chapel.
GPS       N 39º 36' 23,33'' , W 9º 4' 11,95''


Mountain d'Aire e Candeeiros

A mauntain full of small walls of stone, lords of the land and landscape. It was a grass called Candeeira (Phlomis lychnetis), fairly abundant here that gave name to this long mountain range that hugs the side south-west the entire county of Porto de Mós wide Polje and the beggars, where we find the beautiful lakes of Arrimal.
GPS       N 39º 31' 27,01'' , W 8º 47' 29,28''


Footprints of Dinossaurios of Serra de Aire

Located in place before operating a quarry, the Pedreira do Galinha, County of Ourém, in the Natural Park of the Serra d'Aire and Candeeiros, the Natural Monument of Dinosaurs Footprints of the Serra de Aire contains an important fossil record the Jurassic period, the footsteps of some of the largest ever beings populated the planet Earth: the dinosaurs saurópodes.
This source of paleontological footprints of dinosaurs with 175 million years old was discovered on 4 July 1994, and the monument was created in 1996 and opened to the public in 1997.

Tel. 249 530 160
GPS - N 39º 34' 21,27'' , W 8º 35' 16,62''


Fórnea de Alcaria

A strange geological phenomenon gives the illusion of being a natural amphitheater. Is akin to a huge reduction in the earth's crust starting in Chão das Pias and until Alcaria.
The erosion caused by rain and the water sources have created a stunning natural scenery. Within the Fórnea is the Cova da Velha, a cavity with a spring that feeds the Ribeiro da Fórnea.

Association of Artisans of Serra d'Aire and Candeeiros

Antiga Escola Primária do Livramento, 386
2480-162 Porto de Mós
Tel.: 244 430 431


Equestrian Center of Alcaria

Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, you can choose to ride the horse by a beautiful rural roads that moving the mountain. You can also learn or improve your technique, with riding lessons since initiation of the competition in terms of education, obstacles jumps and TREC. The Equestrian Center is the hub of Alcaria National Riding School and belongs to the Federation Equestre Portuguesa. . Organizing training courses in the area of general and horse-riding therapy Hippotherapy.

Rua Rua João Dias 48 - Alcaria
2480-011 ALCARIA PMS
Phone : 244 403 178 • Mobile.: 964 543 788

GPS: N 39º 34' 17,57'' , W 8º 47' 3,41''

Lagoons of Arrimal

Surrounded by nature, these waters create an interesting landscape and inviting. Three ponds to find in the Parish Arrimal.
The lagoons result of the formation of small shallow depressions that leave accumulate rainwater. Throughout its length, and across the main street of the village, are small pits in limestone.


Lagoon of Alvados

The pond Alvados, where since ancient times is make great balls on Thursday's spike, resulting from the extraction of clay for ceramics produced there by the Romans.
Apart from having an important role in the traditions of the village, was also the place where women went to wash clothes by the end of the first half of the twentieth century.
Currently, it is a place of countless beauty with all the conditions for a picnic with the family or just relaxing, enjoying at the same time, the involvement of all nature that surrounds it.


Sensorial Park of Pia do Urso

The Pia do urso is a space that was reused, building up a theme park / sensory (adapted the blind), with a pedestrian circuit.
Besides the attractive landscape and the quiet surroundings, the park consists of several stations and interactive play. It's a great place to spend an afternoon, a day or even live there for a while, it will be possible to rent that old houses, also rebuilted.
During the visit may be observed various geological formations - the so-called "sinks" - where, historically, the bears drank water, hence the origin of the name of this place: "Sink the Bear."

GPS: N 39º 37' 23,64'' , W 8º 43' 5,16''